Welcome to our Foolish family!

Fools + Horses Coffee Company is a Winnipeg-owned and operated coffee shop. We offer a full espresso bar menu, precision-made on our ModBar espresso machines, featuring Pilot Coffee and a variety of rotating feature roasters. Coffee is freshly roasted and delivered weekly.

The company was founded in 2014 by five foolhardy individuals, folks who believed in starting from scratch on something fresh, friendly, and local. We wanted to create accessible spaces, a welcoming culture, and a home to share great coffee. 

Life is full of change, so it comes as no surprise that five years in, the company transitioned ownership from five down to two. With four locations and 20+ employees, the remaining pair are passionate about free spirited ventures - folks who risk it all to ride out their dreams. 

Fools & Horses was founded with a steadfast commitment to our staff, our community, and our environment. It is with this vision and spirit that the company continues to inform it’s business practices. Specifically, our guiding commitments are:

To our staff: we hire diverse, creative, and hardworking people. We provide a respectful, exciting, and challenging work environment, and we pay all trained staff a living wage.

To our community: we strive to create welcoming, inclusive spaces for all, by making and supporting policies and design choices that promote safety, equity, and sustainability. Our stand-alone shops are available for public talks and events programming that support and celebrate our community.

To the environment: We believe delicious, healthy food and drink should be available to everyone. Wherever possible, we reduce, reuse, compost, and recycle. We invest a portion of our profits in Gold Standard© carbon offsets, with the goal of being a carbon-neutral company. 

We do all the above, all while not taking ourselves too seriously along the way.